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The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove #01-05 SOLD 17/04/2024 Sceneca Residence #12-09 SOLD 16/04/2024 Lentoria #02-09 SOLD 12/04/2024 Cuscaden Reserve #15-06 SOLD 16/04/2024 Lentoria #06-09 SOLD 16/04/2024 Cuscaden Reserve #21-06 AVAILABLE 16/04/2024 Cuscaden Reserve #21-01 AVAILABLE 16/04/2024 Cuscaden Reserve #18-01 AVAILABLE 16/04/2024 Cuscaden Reserve #06-05 AVAILABLE 16/04/2024 The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove #05-07 AVAILABLE 16/04/2024 The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove #05-22 SOLD 16/04/2024 The Botany at Dairy Farm #14-26 SOLD 16/04/2024 32 Gilstead #02-01 SOLD 16/04/2024 32 Gilstead #01-01 SOLD 16/04/2024 32 Gilstead #03-01 SOLD 16/04/2024 The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove #06-25 SOLD 16/04/2024 32 Gilstead #05-01 SOLD 16/04/2024 The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove #03-14 SOLD 16/04/2024 The Residences At W Singapore Sentosa Cove #03-10 SOLD 16/04/2024
Soon Lian Realty Pte Ltd

Soon Lian Realty Pte Ltd

Developer Sales Team

Launching Soon
51 Kovan Road, 548534
D19 Hougang / Punggol / Sengkang
Est. TOP 2023

About Soon Lian Realty Pte Ltd Company

Soon Lian Realty Pte Ltd is a well-established property development company based in Singapore. The company has built a reputation for delivering high-quality residential and commercial properties in prime locations throughout the city-state. One of the key strengths of Soon Lian Realty is its ability to identify and develop projects in up-and-coming areas. The company has a keen eye for spotting underutilized land and properties that have the potential to be transformed into desirable developments. This has allowed them to create unique and sought-after properties that stand out in their respective neighborhoods. In addition to its real estate development activities, Soon Lian Realty is also known for its commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly building practices. The company has incorporated green features in many of its projects, such as the use of energy-efficient appliances and materials, rainwater harvesting systems, and solar panels. This not only helps to reduce the environmental impact of their developments, but also lowers the operating costs for residents and tenants. Overall, Soon Lian Realty is a reputable developer known for delivering high-quality properties in prime locations, with a focus on sustainability and innovation. With a strong track record and a reputation for delivering quality, it’s no wonder the company has a loyal base of customers who keep coming back for more.
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