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The Landmark 鼎瑞苑 #38-08 SOLD! 19/09/2023 Sceneca Residence #13-19 SOLD! 19/09/2023 Midtown Modern 名汇庭苑 #22-10 SOLD! 19/09/2023 Altura 雅乐轩 #09-20 SOLD! 19/09/2023 North Gaia #06-38 SOLD! 19/09/2023 North Gaia #11-10 SOLD! 19/09/2023 North Gaia #04-03 AVAILABLE 19/09/2023 Bartley Vue #14-08 AVAILABLE 19/09/2023 Bartley Vue #07-01 SOLD! 19/09/2023 Grand Dunman 名门世家 #04-40 SOLD! 18/09/2023 North Gaia #11-05 SOLD! 18/09/2023 North Gaia #06-45 SOLD! 18/09/2023 Orchard Sophia #05-04 SOLD! 18/09/2023 One Draycott #14-04 AVAILABLE 18/09/2023 The Arden 雅诗轩 #05-11 SOLD! 18/09/2023 North Gaia #02-06 SOLD! 18/09/2023 Kopar at Newton 纽顿铜源 #22-14 SOLD! 18/09/2023 Boulevard 88 铂瑞雅居 #09-04 SOLD! 18/09/2023 LIV@MB #01-16 SOLD! 18/09/2023 Pullman Residence 铂尔曼阁 #26-02 SOLD! 18/09/2023 Pullman Residence 铂尔曼阁 #28-12 SOLD! 18/09/2023 Altura 雅乐轩 #02-11 AVAILABLE 18/09/2023 Altura 雅乐轩 #03-17 SOLD! 18/09/2023 Orchard Sophia #05-04 AVAILABLE 17/09/2023 The Reserve Residences #10-119 SOLD! 17/09/2023 Orchard Sophia #05-04 SOLD! 17/09/2023 Turquoise #06-05 SOLD! 17/09/2023 Pullman Residence 铂尔曼阁 #26-02 AVAILABLE 17/09/2023 The Landmark 鼎瑞苑 #24-08 SOLD! 17/09/2023 The Arden 雅诗轩 #05-01 SOLD! 17/09/2023 The Myst 秘林嘉园 #02-07 SOLD! 17/09/2023 The Reef at King's Dock #05-26 SOLD! 17/09/2023 The Landmark 鼎瑞苑 #38-06 SOLD! 17/09/2023 Pinetree Hill 松岩轩 #11-08 SOLD! 16/09/2023 Pullman Residence 铂尔曼阁 #28-12 AVAILABLE 16/09/2023 Pullman Residence 铂尔曼阁 #28-11 SOLD! 16/09/2023 Pullman Residence 铂尔曼阁 #28-06 SOLD! 16/09/2023 Pullman Residence 铂尔曼阁 #29-02 SOLD! 16/09/2023 Pullman Residence 铂尔曼阁 #28-02 SOLD! 16/09/2023 Klimt Cairnhill 康邻豪庭 #24-04 SOLD! 16/09/2023
Tuan Sing Holdings

Tuan Sing Holdings

Developer Sales Team

333 Thomson Road, 307675
D11 Newton / Novena
Est. TOP 2025
2K Jalan Remaja, 668728
D23 Dairy Farm / Bukit Panjang / Choa Chu Kang
Est. TOP 2022
TOP Obtained
2 Kandis Link, 756967
D27 Sembawang / Yishun
Est. TOP 2021

About Tuan Sing Holdings Company

Tuan Sing Holdings is a Singapore-based investment holding company with a diverse portfolio spanning real estate development, engineering and construction, and hospitality. Founded in 1965, the company has grown to become one of the most reputable and established names in the industry.One of the main areas of focus for Tuan Sing Holdings is real estate development. The company has a strong track record in developing both residential and commercial properties in Singapore and the region. Some of their notable projects include The Atelier, a luxury condominium development in the prime district of River Valley, and the award-winning Parkwood Collection, a collection of landed properties in the sought-after Bukit Timah area. The company’s commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in all their developments, making them a preferred choice for discerning buyers.In addition to real estate, Tuan Sing Holdings also has a strong presence in the engineering and construction industry. The company has a team of experienced professionals who specialize in civil engineering, building construction, and infrastructure development. Their projects include the construction of the Tanjong Pagar Terminal and the development of the Jurong Island Industrial Park. Tuan Sing Holdings’ engineering and construction arm is known for its ability to deliver high-quality and sustainable projects on time and within budget.The company also has a growing hospitality division, which manages a portfolio of hotels and resorts in Singapore, Indonesia, and China. These properties offer guests a wide range of amenities and services, and are known for their exceptional standards of comfort and luxury. Tuan Sing Holdings’ hospitality arm is dedicated to providing guests with an unparalleled travel experience and is continuously expanding its portfolio to bring more world-class properties to the market.Overall, Tuan Sing Holdings is a well-established and diversified company with a strong track record in real estate development, engineering and construction, and hospitality. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, the company continues to be a leader in the industry and is well-positioned for future growth.
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