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For Sale

Tortor at risus viverra adipiscing

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Available fromTenanted until
3 Bath
214,412 sqft
S$1,000 psf
About this property

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Listing Type
Commercial For Sale
Property Type
Land with Building / En-block
S$1,000 psf
No. of Baths
Floor Size
214,412 sqft
Floor Levels
Ground Floor
Partially Fitted
Electricity Supply
21424 Amp
Electricity Phrase
3 Phrase
Ceiling Height
21 metre
Floor Loading
21 kN/m2
Parking Space
Parking Fee
Total Cargo
Total Cargo
Total Passengers Lifts
Maximum Lifts Capacity
12424 Kg
Air-Con Operating Hours
23 hours
Nearest MRT Station
12 Mins to EW3 Simei MRT Station
D15 East Coast / Marine Parade
Built Year
Total Units
Partially Fitted
Internet Connect, Dinning Table, Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machine, Heater, Glass
Location Map

FAQs about Tortor at risus viverra adipiscing

You may contact our listing manager to arrange a viewing.

The size of this Land with Building / En-block unit is sqft.

The price of this Land with Building / En-block unit is $214412512.

The PSF of this Land with Building / En-block unit is $1000 psf.

Tortor at risus viverra adipiscing was built in year 2018.

The nearest MRT station to Tortor at risus viverra adipiscing is EW3 Simei MRT.

Risus ultricies tristique nulla aliquet enim. Pellentesque dignissim enim sit amet


Tortor at risus viverra adipiscing floor plans can be found in the Floor Plan section above.
Tortor at risus viverra adipiscing site plan can be found in the Site Plan section above.
Afr Akbar
Artlantika Studio
K32443HL | 3J4G21JKL |
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Afr Akbar
Artlantika Studio
K32443HL | 3J4G21JKL |

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